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Management & Processing

The carrying through of a new building project or renovation of an old building requires the drawing up of a technical project and the legal procedures involved in dealing with the competent government bodies, in order to obtain the relevant permits and licences, according to particular requirements and standards to be complied with.


This means a process involving paperwork with the different authorities and corresponding bodies, and as such requires full knowledge of the different standards to be complied with and the time necessary to follow the whole procedure through right up to the final granting of the licence or permit.


To this end, A.G.O. provides a service for its customers, by which all of the licences and permits required, together with any legal transactions necessary for projects at national level, are dealt with by us:

  • Legalising of the building project
  • Licence for minor / major building work
  • Opening licence
  • Legalising of installations

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