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"Ago Interiorismo": Reforms of Optical Shops

Ago Interiorismo Logo: Reforms of Optical Shops & Pharmacies

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The synergy resulting from the incorporation of the Indo Interior Design “know-how” into our company, as well as our experience in integrated management of projects and sites, makes us the most competitive professional option, especially in the field of setting up and reform of opticians, consulting-rooms and clinics relating to ophthalmology.

Our specialist knowledge of functional needs, as well as of the different Health & Safety standards, protects our customers’ investment, guaranteeing that each project is carried out in strict compliance with current legislation in force. Our wide experience in the integrated management of projects with a corporate image makes us the best option amongst our competitors.


  • Interior design projects in accordance with corporate image
  • Design, manufacture, supply and assembly of furnishings and fittings
  • Integrated management of the building process
  • Paperwork and legal matters

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A.G.O. Construcciones: Reforms of offices and businesses, stores, opticians stores, pharmacies, warehouses and industrial buildings.
Company specialized in reforms and construction in Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla: architecture, interior design, facilities, air conditioning ...