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AGO A company in constant growth

AGO is a company with a focus on Comprehensive Works and Project Managementand achieving the overall satisfaction of its clients’ needs, by offering advice and recommending the most appropriate solutions during each phase of the project, from its conception and design, to the full execution and control of the work, with the benefit that your project is handled by a single contact person.

Ever since the company was first set up, its calling for service and commitment to quality have been the cornerstones upon which AGO has built its customer relations, and we have earned their trust based on these values.

AGO has a staff of 25 professionals, including senior architects, technical architects and interior designers; we also have professional experts: electrical installers, computer experts, HVAC experts, bricklayers, painters and specialists in installing plasterboard partitions and technical ceilings.

Main divisions

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History and experience

AGO was set up in 1990 as a result of the entrepreneurial concerns and vast experience of Mr Francisco José Ezquerro Bassmann, with the aim of becoming a global building company in the business, industrial and commercial sectors.

In February 2009, AGO purchased the interior design division of the Indo Optical firm, which allowed the company to consolidate its design department and penetrate the building, refurbishment and improvement sector for commercial establishments in general, and in particular, the optical – ophthalmology and pharmaceutical sectors, areas in which the AGO Interior design department has an important market share and professional experience of almost 20 years.

Warranties and Certifications


Our philosophy: High-quality service and safety

Quality certification is yet another element that ensures the trust and peace of mind of our clients, thus demonstrating that AGO holds all the accreditations and approvals required by different public administrations in Spain.

Our building company qualification allows us to execute major and minor works and the reliable control of our processes and procedures is guaranteed by the ISO 9001-2015 quality standard.

Our concern for the quality of our work, service to our clients and safety of our staff is an essential part of our focus on excellence and continuous improvement. The above calling in the areas of quality and safety obliges us to ensure strict compliance with the occupational risk prevention regulations.

Guarantees that a works contractor is required to provide:

  • REA (registro de empresa acreditada) number: Register of approved contractors
  • Civil liability insurance
  • Occupational risk prevention agreement
  • ISO certification