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The synergy resulting from the incorporation into our organisation of the Indo Interior Design division “know-how”, plus our experience in comprehensive project and works management makes us the most competitive professional option in the optical outlet, pharmacy and ophthalmology centre and clinic building and refurbishment sector.

Our specialised knowledge of functional and professional needs and of the different healthcare regulations protects the investments of our clients, guaranteeing them the execution of their projects in accordance with the applicable regulatory framework. Our vast experience in comprehensive project management with a corporate image makes us the preferred option as compared to our competitors.

  • Design and execution of interior design plans for optical outlets and pharmacies.
  • Construction project.
  • Development or application of corporate image (as applicable).
  • Design, manufacture, supply and installation of furnishings and equipment.
  • Comprehensive management of the construction process.
  • Final acceptance.
  • Document management and legalisations.